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If you are found guilty of a criminal offense, it does not necessarily mean that your case is over.  Thankfully, under Florida law, you will have the opportunity to file for an appeal.  After you receive a sentence for a criminal conviction, you will have 30 days to file a criminal appeal.  The appeal process can be complex, and as a result it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney who can assist you during this time.  South Florida criminal defense lawyer Sean Sweeney has worked with many clients over the years, many of them interested in appealing their charges.  Attorney Sweeney has a large amount of experience dealing with criminal appeals and will ensure that your appeal goes smoothly. 

South Florida appellate lawyer Sean Sweeney can assist you with the following criminal appeal issues:

Clients choose to appeal guilty verdicts for a number of reasons.  Sometimes during a criminal trial, legal errors can occur, resulting in a verdict that is unfair.  Legal errors include:

  • Lack of sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict
  • Mistakes in the judge’s instructions to the jury regarding your case
  • Allowing inadmissible evidence during the criminal process (evidence that was obtained in a way that violated your constitutional rights)

Appeals can also be made due to juror misconduct or if new evidence is found that may contradict the guilty verdict.  Under Florida Law, you can only directly appeal for the following reasons:

  • The court lacked subject matter jurisdiction (the court didn’t have the authority to decide the case based upon the given subject matter)
  • Your plea was involuntary
  • There was a violation of the plea agreement
  • There was a sentencing error

Appealing Your Criminal Conviction in South Florida

The guidelines listed above are only guidelines to criminal appeals, and there always exceptions that can occur.  If you have any reason to believe that you are eligible to file an appeal, or feel that your guilty verdict is the result of legal errors that occurred during trial, you should speak with an attorney at our firm immediately.  You only have a 30 day period in which to file your appeal after the sentencing, so time is of the essence.  If for some reason your appeal is not filed within this time period you will lose your chance to receive an appeal. 

South Florida appellate lawyer Sean Sweeney will do his best to make sure your appeal turns out the way you want it to.  A successful appeal could result in a new trial, reduced sentences, the overturning of a conviction, and the discovery of legal errors made by judges or counselors during your first trial.  Your appeal is your last shot at avoiding a conviction, and attorney Sweeney takes this very seriously.  Your criminal appeal will be handled with proficiency and fervor, and in order to help ensure its success Mr. Sweeney will thoroughly evaluate all information surrounding your case.

To find out if your verdict can be appealed, contact a South Florida Criminal Appeals Lawyer at The Sweeney Law Group.  Remember, you only have 30 days after the sentencing to file an appeal, so contact us today!

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